Full Scribe Homes

This style of log home began perhaps a thousand years ago in northern Europe and Russia, and is frequently referred to as Scandinavian. That general look — round logs without chinking between the logs — can be achieved with various techniques from milled interlocking logs — to unscribed natural shaped logs — to partially scribed natural shaped logs — to fully scribed, carved, and matched logs. Some systems do not require chinking between the logs and others require a small amount of chinking. When it comes to the very broad term “round log home”, there is a great range of technique, quality, looks, and price.

At Hearthstone, our flagship round log home is a fully hand scribed structure of massive logs with the unique shape of each log traced onto, and carved out of, the log above it. As is Hearthstone’s heritage, we reproduce the tested, and aesthetically-appealing teachings of our ancestors. With the fully scribed style, Hearthstone builds upon four decades of experience with huge logs, complex joinery, massive timber framing, and the experience and service that comes from producing thousands of log and timber homes and commercial structures.

We can also build you a home of the more common round, chinkless log homes that are milled into a particular shape. At Hearthstone, however, you get many product improvements with this style of home that you wouldn’t see from most companies.