Log Homes

Founded in 1971 as a restorer of ancient log homes,
Hearthstone went on to develop log homes which look much
like those 200 year old structures, yet feature substantial and
continually evolving technical improvements.

A Hearthstone Log home features large timbers of long
lengths, dovetail corners, hewn or planed finishes, irregularly
chamfered edges, and a modern chinking and settling system.
We have satisfied thousands of customers worldwide with
both aesthetic and technical excellence.

Traditional 6x12 Log System features:

* 6"x12" logs, European half-dovetail notch w/4" chink space.
* 6"x12" logs, European half-dovetail notch w/2" chink space.
* Timbers crafted from Eastern White Pine and Western Hemlock up to 40' in length.
* 8" thick logs are also available.

Timberwright® 6x14 Log System

The Timberwright® Log System features a hand-carved, natural-look contour in the chinking space. Log sizes are either 6"x14" or 8"x14" and can be up to 32' in length. Wallshave a 3" chink space thereby creating a random effect in the placement of the logs. Logs are pre-drilled for throughbolts and wiring.

The Timberwright® is available in the old style V-Notch, as well as the European Dovetail Notch. This way you can truly customize the look you want and have a one-of-a-kind log home.

The Bob Timberlake™ Log Home Collection

In the 1990's, Hearthstone teamed with renowned artist and log home aficionado Bob Timberlake to develop The Bob Timberlake™ Log Home Collection. These homes feature, massive, naturally shaped logs hewn on two sides, dovetail corners, and a nearly perfect reproduction of the look and feel of those 200 year old homes.

"The beauty of a hand crafted log home is that it is timeless. Whether newly completed or a landmark, a hand crafted log home is a link to our past . . . a part of our heritage . . . a symbol which sets us aside as Americans. Log homes represent all that is good in this country. . . independence, self sufficiency, the values of friendship . . . and the importance of family."
- Bob Timberlake

- Logs are 6"-8" thick and vary from 14" to 26" tall.
- Half-dovetail notches.
- Chink spaces vary from 1" to 5" (nominal).
- All girders, beams, ridges, rafters, & collars are planed smooth with chamfered edges.
- Crafted from the wood of your choice, but primarily cut from Eastern White Pine timbers up to 24' in length.
- The Timberlake™ home is a unique style of log home. Any plan can be built using the Timberlake™ Log Home System.