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Timber Framing

We at Hearthstone offer you a most satisfying protest against a mediocre existence. We believe than an authentic, distinctive lifestyle, in concert with a natural environment, is the best product any company can offer. The magic in the timbers of your Hearthstone Timber Frame home will help you create that lifestyle and environment.

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Log Homes

When you buy from Hearthstone, you are buying not only a wonderful new living environment, but you are also buying the peace of mind that comes from dealing with people who know what they are doing and have the integrity to back that up in writing. When your new Hearthstone log home is finished, it will look like it grew there from a couple of hundred years ago… except for the modern comfort, engineering, designs, décor, and style.

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Full Scribe

This style of log home began perhaps a thousand years ago in northern Europe and Russia, and is frequently referred to as Scandinavian. That general look — round logs without chinking between the logs — can be achieved with various techniques from milled interlocking logs — to unscribed natural shaped logs — to partially scribed natural shaped logs — to fully scribed, carved, and matched logs.

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